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I’m starting a business.

It’s called “Yoga at Work“.

It goes like this: People who sit hours on end in front of the computer experience pain (repetitive stress injury, head/neck/back pain, headaches, etc.) and stress (both physical and mental) on a regular basis.

Research supports this evidence.

My idea (similar to the business I had in S.F.) is to provide on-site yoga classes during the work day to such employees, educating them and giving them the tools to reduce the pain and stress they experience at work.

The hard part, of course, is to sell the idea.

Even though I’m not 100% ready (still finalizing the website, business cards, flyers, etc.), I started to pitch my ideas to companies last week.

And, voila, one company invited me in to get more information.

I was amazed at how quickly there was a “catch”.

So, I got all dress-up in a business-like way, yoga mat in hand, and drove over to Nazareth to meet with the HR person of this 130 person hi-tech company.

And, how did it go?

Incredulously smoothly.

As if I were preaching to the choir.

In fact, it couldn’t have gone easier.

I said my price.

It was accepted as reasonable.

Would there be space for me to teach such classes at this company?

Yes, in the room that is designated as the “prayer” room that is used several times a day by the employees.

The HR person assured me her bosses would go for it.

And, she would get back to my the following week.

So, I waited.


Though, quite convinced there would be no issues.

But, the call that I received today was not what I expected.

“A no starter”, were her words this morning.

But, she was rushing into a meeting, and I’d only be able to speak to her again at 5 PM.

To say the least, I was quite disappointed.

For the entire day.

How did this happen?

I thought it was a shoe-in!

What went wrong?

Wallowing in self-pity, I thought maybe I’ll just forget this business idea.

And just go back to bed for the day.

Or better yet, have a cookie.  Who needs this “no-sugar” stuff anyway?


But, alas, I caught myself.

Stuck on rejection.

And, so I stopped for a moment and took a breath. (S)

And told myself how it feels to be rejected, especially in a new business venture. (T)

And, looking underneath this all, I saw fear.  Fear of failure. (U)

Then, I realized I could change perspective. (C)

Maybe there was a good reason that the company rejected me?

I’ll stay open and calm and friendly when I have this conversation at 5 PM.

And, reminded myself that it’s ok to get stuck.  (K)

So…. I picked up the phone to find out what happened.

Apparently the HR person was still gung-ho on the idea and her bosses were as well.

Yet, when she checked in with her employees, she found no interest.

Her claim is that because the company is 90% Arab, (and about 1/3 of that women), there is much less awareness of things like yoga in their world.

And, even after offering to come in and do a free trial class, she was quite persistent that it wouldn’t come to anything.

So, instead of being upset, I just saw it as an opportunity:

That I had a chance to present myself at a company,

That it pushed me to move other things forward that have been lagging behind,

and for meeting a fantastic HR person, who apparently has friends that she’d be quite happy to share my business idea with.

And with that, I hung up the phone happy and smiling… laughing at the irony of this whole scenario:

While I thought it would be a struggle to convince HR people to give me a chance to come in and show them what I have, here it was the employees that didn’t want to give me the time of day.

Oh well.

Another day of learning.

And, tomorrow’s another day for more.


Author: Shira Taylor Gura

Well-Being Coach, Podcast Host, Author of the award winning book, Getting unSTUCK: 5 Simple Steps to Emotional Well-Being.

4 thoughts on “STUCK on REJECTION

  1. You are fantastic Shira! You just have to find the right company. KEEP TRYING!! Love, mom-mom

  2. Thanks, Mom-Mom, for your constant support and love!!!!

  3. exactly my first response – you are fantastic! just persevere and i’m sure you will succeed.
    also liked the chocolate blog – spoke to me (Israeli chocolate is especially hard to give up…)

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