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Interestingly (or obviously?), all of my blog posts so far have been about being stuck on what would be considered negative emotions: disappointment, frustration, anger, etc.

I have yet to write one post about being stuck on what would be considered a positive emotion.

Well, here I am…

Stuck on puppy love.

Four days ago, my oldest son noticed a puppy, alone and shaking in the rain, next to the pre-schools on the kibbutz.

Everyone around us was wondering who the puppy belonged to.

But, no one knew.

My son asked if we could take him home.

Yes, I told him.  We could take him home, give him food, and start to put out ads to look for the owner.

So, I did.

Not only did I write to the community google group and put an ad on the community Facebook page, I practically asked every person that I passed if they were interested in adopting the dog.

To no avail.

“I already have a dog.”

“My house is too small.”

“I don’t like dogs.”

“I don’t want the responsibility.”

And, in the meantime, we all got attached.


On puppy love.


And, the puppy apparently got stuck on us.

And, the knitted blankets that his “Bubbe” made.

And, his stuffed animal friend called, “Hugh”.

And, one slipper passed on from his cousin named, “Amit.”

Yes, we were one big  happy family.

As if we’ve been like this forever.

I woke up early each morning to open the door to let him “do his thing”.

My two youngest children would wake up minutes after, get dressed quickly, and meet us outside to play before going to school.




My older children (taking longer to wake up in the mornings), would then join the crowd once we came back inside.



And, I have to admit, this dog is adorable.

And everyone in the house seemed somewhat happier with the dog around.

For so many reasons:

He’s not barking.

He’s totally loyal.

He’s an incredibly appropriate size for my youngest child (who probably needs a younger sibling anyway, and won’t be getting one as far as I know!!).

My husband loves dogs.

So, do I.

(Well, not all dogs, but most.)

And well, he’s following us all around like a little puppy!

Yes, one big happy family.

One big stuck family.

What about all the responsibility that comes along with the dog?

And, the attention it needs? (We already have 4 kids, each of whom feels like they don’t get enough attention.)

And, the training?

And, the vaccination shots?

And, the trips to the vet?

And, the purchasing of the food.. and collar… and other special dogs accessories?

And picking up the dog poop?  (Yes, we would be unique dog owners in our community for that reason.)

And, finding someone to take care of the dog when we go away.

And, caring for the dog if it gets sick (and yes, dogs do get ill).

Are we ready for this again?  (We had a dog a few years ago who got sick quite quickly, and you can say we kind of lost steam with her.)

Do we really want this?

Or, are we just stuck on this momentary feeling of love.

Considering all of this (and with the help of a good friend), our perspective changed.

We’re not ready for a dog.

We’re not ready for the commitment.

We’re not ready for “until death do us part.”

Not now, at least.

Maybe in 20 years when they kids are out of the house.

But certainly not now.


It’s like choosing anything in life.

We must choose things proactively and mindfully.

And not choose out of emotions only.

Just like choosing to have a child.

And, while no one has yet to show interest in adopting this dog, and as much as I may not like the alternative (giving the dog to a pound in which the dog may eventually be put to sleep if no one claims it), the choice has been made and the dog is going to go.

And, my kids know and accept this.

And, once the dog leaves, we’ll hold on to the few memories that we have.

And, some photos.

And the realization that even love can be a force that leads to getting stuck in the moment.


Author: Shira Taylor Gura

Well-Being Coach, Podcast Host, Author of the award winning book, Getting unSTUCK: 5 Simple Steps to Emotional Well-Being.

2 thoughts on “STUCK on PUPPY LOVE

  1. Shira,
    I can totally relate! I also was STUCK on puppy love this week. A friend at work found six adorable and abandoned puppies at the beginning of the week. I dreamt all week of bringing one home and delighting my kids. It took a lot of willpower to sustain from the temptation…

  2. Shira, I like dogs also but if the family is not willing to take on the responsibility, you can’t assume it. too bad

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