The S.T.U.C.K. Method

Five Simple Steps to Emotional Well-Being

STUCK on 15 minute Fridays


So, I made a commitment to myself to write at least for 15 minutes every Friday.

I have a post in mind, but I don’t have time to write it this morning.

Instead, I have to clean 2 bathrooms, attend the 2nd of 6 day “community garden course” that my husband and I are participating in on our kibbutz.

Fetch the kids from gan.

Prepare lunch.

Prepare for the Sabbath.

And, then my day is over.

So, I will finish this post after the Sabbath, on Sunday morning.

For now, I’ll give you a hint: I was stuck on being insulted.

I’m sure I’m not the first person that this has happened to.

Nor, will I be the last.

But, because of my practice of trying to be more aware of my mind’s quick judgments and my automatic reactions to them, I find myself letting go (rather quickly) of things I get attached to.

For instance, in this case, I didn’t get stuck on being insulted for too long.

In fact, seconds after I got insulted, I laughed.

Out loud.

Because I found it funny that I got insulted in the first place.

And, laughing at myself is something new.

And, I think it’s really healthy.

So, stay tuned for the next post.

But perhaps in the meantime, take a moment and think when was the last time you were insulted.

What happened?

How did you react?

How long did you stay insulted for?

And, if you let go of being insulted, why/how were you able to do that?


Author: Shira Taylor Gura

Well-Being Coach, Podcast Host, Author of the award winning book, Getting unSTUCK: 5 Simple Steps to Emotional Well-Being.

3 thoughts on “STUCK on 15 minute Fridays

  1. Hi.
    Liked that very much. Thanks for your contribution and congratulations on your positive response!
    Last time I was insulted (2 hours ago) I got defensive. Waste of time. I should have laughed, like you.
    Looking forward to your posts. Don

  2. I got defensive, too. I just didn’t stay stuck on it for long. I think that’s the key. We can’t completely control our automatic reactions, but we can become more aware of them. Thanks again.

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